FREE - News

by Charlie on Saturday, 31st October 2009 at 2:09pm

Welcome again, I have been out and about and a few caterers think that somewhere there is a catch, FREE is not a word we hear very often, But yes all Burger Bars, Cafes, Truck stops, Car Boots and all Events, can be listed FREE of charge, Thats your Business name, putting yourself on the map, and opening times, all FREE.

How to add your listing:

Put yourself on the map, just click add listing this will ask you to register, add your username and a password this will create an account for you, so if you wish to change anything later or upgrade you can,
Then enter your business name i.e. ( The Lunch Box ) Select your county, click on search and add your location, as you add more information add a comma the map will zoom into that area, Keep zooming in by clicking on the + marker, you can change to satellite viewing if this makes it easier, when you find your exact location click add marker tab this will bring the marker into view, this can be dragged into position until the x marks the spot, then just add your opening times and click on SAVE and your done, this will take just a minute.
When your done have a look at the premium listings and decide if you wish to upgrade now, by adding your menu, Facilities, and upto 3 photo's all for £ 50 per year thats less than £ 1 per week.