Business Startup

How to Add your Listing

First of all you need to Register, Please add your email and telephone as in the past owners have put their burger bar in the Sea and i have had no way of contacting them,

once registered clcik on ADD LISTING and on the drop down menu clcik on what you wish to List,

Enter the name of the Buisness,

Select the county on the drop down menu,

Then just above the menu enter the first line of the address as you put a comma the map will zoom into that area, the more information like road names, post codes, the more it will zoom in, click on the ( Place Marker )and the balloon will appear on ths map, click and hold the balloon and drag it into the exact position your business is in, and that completes your location,

Enter your opening hours,

Click save/next,

now this is an upgrade area but as im building this website up please add 3 photo's, your menu and your facilities ie any special offers, any special prices, toilet, parking, anything that will help get customers to your business, click save/next but dont click pay as i will upgrade you from this end, so its totally FREE dony need to enter any credit card details its all FREE.


This area is for beginners those who are just starting out and need help, either thinking of opeing a business or someone who has just opened a business and feel a bit out of their depth,starting with pro\'s and con\'s.

Burger bar: what size? where? how much? etc,

Before buying a trailer ask someone if they mind you working in one to get an idea of what its like, to see if you like it, then go to the council to see where you can pitch your trailer, you have to register your business, have hygiene certificate, Gas certificate, and an inspection from the council, its good to let the council know some 30 days before you intend to start up,but remember while your thinking of setting up someone else might come along and take your pitch, more to follow.